Be happy with nothing and you’ll be happy with everything, you don’t need a reason to be happy, just allow yourself to come home inside your heart, this is where you belong, where we all belong, God welcomes you back home..!

God is the ultimate happiness you be-come.

11703340_1661619434056745_2257877546061006157_nDo good and good will happen to you.

Give any fearfull thoughts to heaven for transmutation..

De hogere sferen transmuteren de lagere tot de hogere trilling, want licht lost het duisternis op, en de pijn dat veroorzaakt werd door innerlijke strijd word geneutraliseerd, waarbij het negatieve word getransformeerd tot het positieve.

Majestueuze beweging in gods glorieuze zaligheid is in de eenvoud & eenheidsgevoel dat ons allemaal samen brengt tijdens onze ontwikkeling in liefde.

You feel the infinite space inside of you, just listen to the silence inside your heart beat, with every beat you feel the highest possible touch of freedom, this is god breathing you into being, you are a sacred light, cultivate your-self into be-coming a part of the infinite space, breath in silence so to be a part of everything instead of nothing, the mind creates the illusion of being separate from the infinite space, but to be-come alive you have to be aware of your-self breathing into the infinite space inside of you.11753263_1661619427390079_3294135482836294198_n

Child of Light aka Marcel Stegers